Fast, Free Internet for 100 Austin Community Organizations

  • Google Fiber
AUSTIN, TX - Google Fiber announced that it is donating ten years of free high-speed Gigabit Internet (with speeds up to 100 times faster than the average American connection) to 100 community organizations throughout Austin. The City Council has selected the groups that will get access to the service. The full list of selected “Community Connections” sites is available on the city council’s website.

Hundreds of community organizations in Austin work to make the city better every day. For these groups, having more resources means that they can help more people. For example, more canned food means a food bank can feed more families, and more computers means that a career development center can help more people build resumes and search for jobs. Google wants to make sure that reliable, affordable Internet access is available, too.

In order for a Community Connection to get fiber, its surrounding area, or “fiberhood,” needs to qualify for service first. So when residents sign up for Google Fiber next year, they'll also be helping these local community organizations get one step closer to getting Fiber, too. Google Fiber cautions that it will probably take more than a year before they can start making these Community Connections.


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