Faster Speeds Remain Top Objective for Gfast Deployments


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ROANOKE, VA — The top objective for deployment of Gfast is to offer faster speeds (>250 Mbps), according to a recent global service provider survey conducted by BroadbandTrends, an independent market analysis and consulting firm specializing in service provider transformation activity, in which broadband operators were quried regarding their plans to deploy Gfast technology within their network. Gfast is a fiber-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) architecture offering up to 2 Gbps aggregate speeds on copper infrastructure over very short loop lengths.

Key findings of the 2019 survey include the following:

  • The top objective for deployment of Gfast is to offer faster speeds (>250Mbps)
  • 70 percent of survey participants plan to deploy Gfast by the end of 2019, with 33 percent currently in live deployments
  • Cost remains the greatest challenge facing operators currently deploying or planning to deploy Gfast technology
  • Fiber-to-the-Building with the DPU in the Basement was cited as a top deployment model for 70 percent of survey participants
  • Average downstream speeds of 250-500Mbps are expected with most Gfast service
  • 9-16 line DPUs remain the “sweet-spot”
  • Support for Extended Bandwidth at 212Mhz; 1Gbps aggregate speeds; and Dynamic Timeslot Assignment were considered the most important emerging/newly available Gfast capabilities

“With each consecutive survey, the deployment models for Gfast deployment become more crystallized, with MDUs deployments continuing to drive the bulk of Gfast deployments; but it is the ability to offer faster speeds that remains the top objective for operator interest in Gfast,” notes Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst with Broadbandtrends.

Broadbandtrends’ Global Service Provider Gfast Deployment Strategies survey analyzes the results from interviews with 41 incumbent and competitive operators from Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America (representing a significant market presence within their regions), about their plans and deployment strategies for Gfast. The report provides a global overview of the results as well as commentary on any notable regional differences found in the results.



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