Fatbeam Announces Triple-Digit Growth

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POST FALLS, ID - Fatbeam, a provider of fiber infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions, announced triple digit growth year-over-year since launching in 2010. Fatbeam won contracts in more than 15 markets in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions and has built more than 300 miles of fiber infrastructure for ultra-high-speed Internet for schools, businesses and governments in third- and fourth-tier markets. Fatbeam builds its fiber at a minimum of 1-Gigabit.

"Fatbeam's mission is to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to more rural areas and in doing so enhancing education opportunities, delivering greater public safety, and driving economic growth while also maintaining profitability in the process," said Greg Green, president of Fatbeam. "It's a great feeling to bring such opportunities to underserved markets while also running a business."

Fiber is the preferred industry standard for Internet delivery in wide area networks (WAN) and often only found in larger markets. Fatbeam creates fiber infrastructure in markets with populations ranging between 5,000 and 100,000. These communities often lack access to high-speed and high-capacity Internet.

Fatbeam enters a market by building fiber optic networks for individual school districts. Once the network is fully constructed in that district, Fatbeam is able to offer fiber to other entities in the community – including hospitals, banks, local government offices as well as telecom and Internet carriers.

According to recent industry reports, Internet traffic is expected to triple over the next five years, however 90 million Americans still lack access to high-speed Internet, especially in rural areas. Without broadband, consumers and small businesses are cut off from the $8 trillion global Internet economy, severely limiting opportunities for jobs and economic prosperity.

Green added, "The communities are fully embracing the fiber and leveraging the increased speed and capacity to drive economic development, create new jobs and like many rural markets in the United States, diligently using broadband as a tool to keep population from declining."


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