Fiber Broadband Association Announces Fiber Service Provider Certification

  • Fiber Broadband Association
NASHVILLE, TN — The Fiber Broadband Association announces a network certification program for network operators connecting their residential customers with fiber and all-fiber networks. The certification program will identify those network providers that are delivering the best in class broadband service to their customers.

All-Fiber Certification
To be eligible for “all-fiber certification,” network operator members of the Fiber Broadband Association must have marketed 90 percent or more fiber networks to households, delivered either through PON or Active Ethernet, and an exhibited high-level strategic commitment to all-fiber deployment. A network operator will receive a “fiber certification” if its all-fiber network is marketed to at least 70 percent of households.

With this certification, qualifying providers will be able to show their communities and existing and potential customers that they are deploying all-fiber connectivity to deliver the fastest internet and most robust digital services.

“Households and their communities are keenly aware of the benefits of fiber,” said Heather Burnett Gold, CEO and president of the Fiber Broadband Association. “This certification program is designed to help our all-fiber network operator members highlight the critical work they are doing to bring all-fiber connectivity to those they serve. It’s a way to identify those who are truly bringing the best to their communities.”


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