Fiber Broadband Association Recognizes Disruptive Fiber Concepts

Proof of concept demonstrations at Fiber Connect 2023 showcase innovative fiber capabilities.

WASHINGTON – The Fiber Broadband Association announced the winners of the Fiber Connect 2023 Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase. The PoC Showcase featured seven demonstrations from Fiber Broadband Association member companies and their partners that exemplified fiber’s ability to disrupt markets and push the boundaries of what is possible.

The three award-winning PoCs include:

  • Most Innovative Award – presented to Infinera and LightRiver for its “Multi-Vendor Middle Mile Use Cases Enhancing PON Infrastructure via Infinera’s XR Optics Point-To-Multipoint, Automated by netFLEX” PoC that explored a multi-vendor FTTX PON network implemented with a 400G DWDM Middle Mile point-to-multipoint solution from the router to the OLT.
  • Best Community Impact Award – presented to Ciena for its “Get Ready for The Next Generation of Applications by Deploying a Disruptive Broadband Architecture” PoC that explored how service providers can rethink their network architectural approach, leveraging disaggregation and virtualization, to push network access closer to the user to deliver and scale capacity where needed.
  • Game Changer Award - presented to Nokia for its “Superior Network Performance – Every Way You Slice It” PoC that explored how operators can guarantee quality of service with complete granularity across the network from the IP core to a user appliance in the home. With this level of control, operators can use their fiber network for anything and generate new revenues with guaranteed performance for any service type.

“This year’s PoC Showcase was an excellent representation of how when fiber leads, the future follows. Each demonstration highlighted the disruptive capabilities that are possible when fiber broadband is matched with innovative technologies and strategies,” said Gary Bolton, President and CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association. “I’d like to congratulate the entire PoC Showcase on their outstanding demonstrations of concepts that will advance our industry and help connect every community to reliable, high-quality fiber broadband.”

Additional PoCs were presented at Fiber Connect 2023 that included: “Digital 3D Georeferenced Fiber Network Roll-Out Management and Documentation,” presented by DeepUp; “Enhancing the Customer Experience and Streamlining Operations with Cloud-Based Provisioning, Billing, and Orchestration,” presented by Ting Internet and Wavelo; “Leveraging Fiber to Efficiently Capture Small Businesses in Your Markets,” presented by Calix; and “Enhancing Fiber Reach with Ultra-High Capacity mmW Radios at Network Edge,” presented by Ceragon.

All PoC demonstrations were evaluated live at Fiber Connect 2023 by industry analysts. The three PoC awards were presented during general sessions at the event on Wednesday, August 23.


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