Fiber Broadband Grows as Home Internet Choice

  • Fiber Broadband Association
NASHVILLE, TN — Fiber has gained in popularity as a broadband access technology in the United States, second only to cable (hybrid fiber-coax), according to newly released research from the Fiber Broadband Association.

Steady investments by fiber deployers and increasing consumer awareness have driven fiber to be a more popular broadband access technology than most competitors, with fiber first passing dial up broadband in 2011, surpassing satellite in 2013 and this year overtaking DSL.

Fiber Advances as the Connection of Choice
The study found that among the 19 percent of study respondents who moved homes in the past two years, fiber broadband gained a net ten points of share. Among the eight percent of respondents who changed their Internet providers in that same time period, unrelated to a home move, fiber broadband gained 23 net points of share.

All of this is especially impressive given that fiber broadband is, to date, only available to about a third of homes in the United States. Access is increasing, however, as deployment rates continue to increase.

“Today’s findings underscore what we have known for years: fiber is the future for our networks and our economy,” said Fiber Broadband Association President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold. “With fiber deployment rates at record levels in the United States and throughout North America, the pace of connectivity and innovation will only accelerate, paving the way for truly smart cities and new wireless technologies like 5G.”

“We’re seeing the maturity of a technology that first entered the scene just a few decades ago, and the industry has even more room to grow,” said Mike Render. “Fiber keeps moving into all endpoints—the home, the business, the data center, the small cell site—and it appears to be welcomed because of superior performance.”


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