Fiber Broadband Service Value Varies Globally

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LONDON - Western Europe and Asia-Pacific have become the key markets to watch for high-speed fiber broadband services, according to research from Point-Topic, a provider of broadband market intelligence. On average, residents in the region achieve better value for their money from their fiber broadband services as they receive higher speed services at a lower cost.

Copper-based Services Provide Worst Value
Copper-based residential services offer the worst value for money in every market. In Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and South and East Asia, most customers still have a limited choice of alternative technologies and are forced to pay a premium price for legacy broadband due to a lack of competition. In North America, there is still a lack of competition, but on a region by region basis. Copper prices are high because they can charge more in areas where there isn’t cable or fiber.

Cable and Fiber Costs Evenly Matched in North American and Europe

In Latin America, South and East Asia and Asia-Pacific, fiber-based services have a lower cost per megabit than cable. In North America and Europe, cable and fiber are much more evenly matched. There is much more cable in these regions which is increasingly competing with fiber, bringing the costs down.

North American Per-Megabit Costs Run High
North America continues to be comparatively expensive per megabit for all technologies. There are some reporting differences, the US has strict requirements on promises of up-to bandwidth, however they don’t account for the significant multiples in cost in North America compared to Europe and Asia Pac.


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