Google Fiber Helps Boost Kansas City Muni Rating

  • Fitch Ratings
  • Google Fiber
KANSAS CITY - The positive economic impact of fiber networks was affirmed when Fitch Ratings upped the municipal rating of Kansas City, Missouri from negative to stable outlook, citing the city's major broadband upgrades provided by Google Fiber.

In support of its move Fitch made the following statement, "Kansas City is a host city for Google Fiber, which is an ultra high-speed broadband network up to 100 times faster than current broadband. The network is already attracting a number of smaller internet and data companies to the city and has the potential to make a significant economic impact."

The report also notes that the city's economy is anchored not only by a stable employment mix of government, utilities, and health care, but also by the more economically sensitive telecommunications and auto manufacturing sectors.


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