Fiber South Selects Omnia360 from CHR Solutions for Business Operations

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HOUSTON, TX Fiber South has selected CHR Solution’s Omnia360 suite for its billing and operational needs. Georgia-based Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) created Fiber South to provide a fast and reliable fiber network with broadband and voice services. Fiber South conducted a rigorous review of multiple billing and OSS solutions prior to selecting CHR’s Omnia360.

“We chose to work with CHR Solutions because they share our commitment to high-quality customer support and communication, and they have the tools to help grow our business efficiently,” said Cobb EMC President and CEO Peter Heintzelman. “With Omnia360, we saw a purpose built broadband/telco software solution.”

Omnia360: A Business System that Integrates CRM, Billing and OSS

Providing the newest features expected for today’s user experience, Omnia360 is a business system that integrates CRM, Billing and OSS into one. Omnia360 was designed to efficiently manage the customer journey, and allow your business to be agile.

“Ultimately, Fiber South chose Omnia360 because of its unique ability to help manage the customer experience, end-to-end, within a single system,” said James Watts, Head of Fiber South Customer Experience. “Omnia360 provides a web-based solution that brings all of the customer data into a single, usable tool. The web solutions also enable our customers to have access to true self service.”

“We respect the innovative spirit and commitment to excellence Cobb EMC is bringing to its members with Fiber South,” stated Jason Malmquist, Sr. Vice President with CHR. “We are excited to partner with them as they build one of the premier broadband networks in the country. It follows our vision at CHR to help Electric Cooperatives build and operate broadband networks with the same quality and customer service they have provided in the electric space.”



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