FiberLight Expands Dark Fiber Network Capabilities for the City of Roswell, GA

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ATLANTA — FiberLight, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of construction experience building high-bandwidth networks, announced that it has completed a dark fiber deployment in Roswell, Georgia. This project, with the help of SereneIT, a value-added reseller (VAR), connects the city to an Atlanta-area data center operated by Ascent, empowering Roswell to optimize performance and support its increasingly sophisticated applications to meet users’ growing demand for real-time access.

As the demand for quick, reliable, and secure access to applications — such as those associated with public safety, parks and recreation, and other administrative capabilities — grows and network requirements expand for communities like Roswell, a robust and secure network is vital. To position Roswell for greater success and deliver a high-performance network, FiberLight enabled the city with a dark fiber network ring and deployed 400GB of capacity to the Ascent data center for increased security, scalability, and redundancy. FiberLight’s dark fiber solutions give organizations the ability to own, build, expand, and control networks faster than building new fiber routes and fulfill the need for continuous bandwidth growth at predictable costs.

Room to Expand Services and Capabilities into the Future

“Roswell has a history of infrastructure development and deployment with FiberLight, and we’re so appreciative of the company’s understanding of our urgency and willingness to take the time to work with us to deliver this critical deployment on the timeline we needed,” comments Maurice Pryce, IT director for the City of Roswell. “This dark fiber network solution enables us to have greater control to provision more reliable services and create an always-on environment for our residents. Connecting to Ascent’s data center gives us ample room to expand our services and capabilities into the future. We’re excited to be successfully positioned for growth, and we look forward to supporting smart city applications with added security and agility.”

FiberLight designs, builds, monitors, and maintains high-capacity fiber infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing areas, ensuring that even the most mission-critical applications are secure. For network companies, large enterprises, and up-the-stack partners who are looking for lower, more predictable costs than lit fiber options, this opportunity dramatically improves their network performance, control, and scalability. FiberLight offers flexible dark fiber financing options to ensure that clients can purchase in a way that is most beneficial to them, including flat-rate pricing on leased assets without fee accelerations during the committed term.



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