FiberOpticsInstitute Introduces Low-Cost Technician Kits and Certification Training

  • Fiber Optics Institute

CHICAGO — The FiberOpticsInstitute, a technician training and fiber optic certification company, announced that they are making a new inexpensive AllinOne fiber optic technician’s kit available to integration companies and technicians.

“Since we started providing fiber optic training in the late 1990s, we have seen one constant – that being the high costs of fiber optic tools, testers, and hands-on training. Through extensive investigation and product testing we are now providing twenty-nine-piece fiber optic technician tool and tester kits, along with a dramatic reduction in training and certification costs,” said David Engebretson, president of the FiberOpticsInstitute. “The fiber optic kits for connector installations commonly sold in today’s market cost more than $1,500, and include tools for installing a specific manufacturer’s connectors. These kits also do not include any test meter or the necessary jumpers and adapters that are needed to effectively terminate and test completed fiber optic links. With our years of field experience, we have sourced tools, tester meters, and accessories so that the FiberOpticsInstitute’s AllinOne technician’s kit includes everything needed to terminate fiber optic connectors, install mechanical splices, and test optic power output of media converters connected to fiber links.” Every tool and component is tested, adjusted if necessary, and calibrated before shipment.

Included with the AllinOne technician’s kits is a flash drive with videos showing how to properly use the tools included in the kit. Engebretson said, “In many cases while a technician may have been trained in fiber optic work, they don’t work with fiber constantly, they might have a need for their tools and knowledge every month or two.  We recorded the videos which show how to properly and safely use each tool and device in the kits, which provide a quick technique review if a technician needs to perform a specific task.”


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