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RICHMOND, IN  -- Belden, a developer of signal transmission products, unveiled its FiberExpress Brilliance field-installable connectors, which the company says enable fast, foolproof and easy fiber termination. Terminations can typically be made in five seconds, with no termination tools required. In addition, the connector can be reterminated up to five times, improving fiber termination yields and lowering the costs of materials and installation. Users can verify connectorization onsite using an external laser light source, which can be clearly seen through the connector's window, offering immediate termination assurance.

The Brilliance connector is available for 900 um LC (OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS2). Later in the year, ST-Compatible, SC, APC and jacketed versions will also be introduced. Brilliance field-installable connectors can be used for loose-tube fiber installations, with the addition of a breakout kit, so installers can achieve the same reliability and improved fiber yields as with tight-buffered terminations. The Brilliance connector is also built to withstand a wider range of temperatures (-40 degrees to +75 degrees C) than traditional fiber connectors.

Belden's FiberExpress Brilliance connectors can be used as a backbone, horizontal or fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) component in any commercial building, government agency or data  center. They are suited for use in field connectorization of high-speed optical fiber networks such as 10G Ethernet, and as the platform for the more challenging 40G/100G networks of the future. They can be used with Belden's FiberExpressUltra Patch Panel, an ultra-high-density, flexible and easy-to-install patch panel system.


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