FieldShield Now Available for Hardened Connector Environment

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MINNEAPOLIS – Clearfield, the specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, is extending the reach of FieldShield optical fiber to the hardened connector marketplace. These new solutions, FieldShield Hardened Connectors and the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal, bring together the advantages of hardened connector technology with the ease of use and cost reductions associated with pushable fiber.

Traditional hardened connector technology is bulky and requires the use of flat drop cables, which are stiff and difficult to store. With the FieldShield solutions, the form and fit of the SC connector is maintained, slack storage is integrated within the device, and restoration and troubleshooting is greatly reduced as field restoration is easily performed without retrenching. A dual LC connector version is also available.

“Like other sealed connector technologies designed to withstand the rugged outside plant environment, the FieldShield solution starts with a factory-terminated industry-standard SC or dual LC interface,” explains Johnny Hill, chief operating officer of Clearfield. “But unlike the solutions that incorporate the SC interface into a large outer housing at point of manufacture, causing the unit to be heavy and limited to flat drop cables, FieldShield solutions team a standard FieldShield connector with a field-installable, tool-less smart housing that provides a water tight seal. These solutions decrease installation and maintenance time, while providing superior durability and reliability in the drop segment of the network.”

FieldShield Hardened Connectors
A field-installed, toolless housing slips over a FieldShield optical connector on the FieldShield assembly to provide a water tight seal when easily mated to each port of the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal. FieldShield pushable fiber connectors slide into the housing and are weather protected by a two-grommet system. Working together to seal the connection to the enclosure, the FieldShield SmarTent provides bend limiting strain relief while handling the cables. When used in conjunction with FieldShield Microduct, the FieldShield drop cable has been tested to meet GR-771 and GR-3120 standards for robust environmental performance.

FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal
Providing up to 8 ports of OSP plug n’play connectivity at the network access point, the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal is configured with factory terminated FieldShield optical cable assemblies, with the feeder configuration pushed or pulled through FieldShield Microduct to a consolidated splice point. Distribution ports are sealed with airtight water-tight caps until service turn up is required. For deployment in a pedestal, flowerpot or vault, this above-grade or below-grade solution is the quickest, least intrusive placement method to deploy fiber, reducing restoration and troubleshooting costs as a cut fiber does not have to be retrenched.

Restoration and troubleshooting is greatly reduced as a cut fiber does not have to be retrenched as only the cut microduct/fiber needs to be located, route path re-engaged with a simple airtight/watertight coupler, and connectivity re-established with a push/pull of a replacement FieldShield terminated assembly.

Application Environments
Using a snap-on toggle head, the FieldShield SmarTerminal mounts to any horizontal surface. Optimized for deployment below grade with Clearfield’s CraftSmart protection vault or flower pot and above-grade in a CraftSmart fiber protection pedestal, the FieldShield SmarTerminal simply and securely snaps into the toggle head without any tools and is easily removable for access or trouble-shooting.


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