Foresite Group, COS Systems to Deliver Gigabit Open Access Community Networks

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NEW YORK, NY – Foresite Group, which plans and designs gigabit networks with a turnkey offering for communities looking to build their own networks, and COS Systems, a provider of demand aggregation software, announced that they are partnering to help American communities take control of their digital future by building their own gigabit networks. Using a methodology that builds on community engagement and real-time collection of data to create the build-out plan and a true Open Access operating model once built, the sustainability of the networks is assured.

More US Cities Looking to Build Fiber Networks
The build-out of community networks in the US has been slow, but that is now about to change as community leaders are realizing how crucial high speed broadband is to their communities. The internet today is as important as electricity, water, sewer and gas and should be looked at it from that perspective. UPS and FedEx don’t have their own roads for deliveries to your home so why should your internet providers be any different?

“We have seen how the interest among cities to build their own fiber networks have been growing rapidly for the last couple of years and we are very happy to have developed our turn key offering with COS and their full suite of products, said Brian Snider, network design practice area leader at Foresite Group. "We are committed to improving connectivity across the US and our method gets things moving in a direction for nothing but success,” Brian Snider added.

Fiber to the Premise
In a true Open Access Network, the fiber is built all the way to every premise. With a neutral operations company managing this infrastructure, any provider will be invited to sell services to subscribers on equal terms. The subscribers will select their desired providers and services from an online portal, much like you would browse for apps in the App store. This abundance of choice for the end customer will drive the prices down and the quality of service up. For the providers this means competition and that they have to make sure to deliver on their promise to their customers. However, their risk of entering a new market is close to none, since they don’t have to make any infrastructure investments.

Sweden's Open Access Model
“In Sweden, the demand aggregation model, where you make sure your subscribers are committed before you start the build-out has been the predominant way to deploy networks for a long time. There simply is no other way to predict where customers might sign up or not, other than asking them. We are thrilled to see that this model is now rapidly being adopted in the United States as well, which our many COS Service Zones projects prove. Our partnership with Foresite Group will only help this progression and will ensure more successful networks gets built," says Isak Finer, CMO at COS Systems.

“In Sweden, even though being a relatively small and in large parts rural country, we have hundreds of successful community networks operated with an open access model," says Bjorn Wannman, manager partnerships and strategic account at COS Systems. "This has enabled Sweden to early reach a top position in the world when it comes to high speed broadband and the result is job creation in future industries and the growth of many successful companies and software apps, such as Spotify, Skype, Minecraft, etc. It is great to be working with a partner like Foresite Group who can incorporate these two models and our software into their turn-key solution for the planning, design and build of community gigabit networks."

About COS Systems
Sweden-based COS Systems is the developer of the demand aggregation platform COS Service Zones and Open Access network operations platform COS Business Engine. The company has been delivering software solutions to the mature Swedish market for community networks for over a decade and in the USA since 2013. The COS Service Zones platform allows network builders to draw competing neighborhood zones, or Fiberhoods, across their targeted area and then see real-time demand grow as customers sign up before the network deployment begins. Once target take-rates are reached, the networks are deployed backed by committed customers and secured revenue.

About Foresite Group
Foresite Group plans and design gigabit speed networks and has a turnkey offering to communities looking to build their own networks, from initial market assessment to a fully built-out network operated on a true Open Access model.


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