Foundation Being Set for Small Cell/5G Wireless and Smart City Applications

TULSA OK — Industry deployments of small cell outdoor wireless antennas for improved 4G and 5G wireless technologies and Smart City technologies are in their infancies, according to a new study of Smart City and Small Cell deployments from RVA LLC, a market research and consulting firm.

Hardly an invasion of IoT at present (there are just seven devices — cameras and sensors — per 10,000 people among the small number of cities deploying Smart Cities technologies), yet, clearly, the foundation is being set.

The study, which was conducted among 176 technology focused U.S. communities, was made possible with the assistance of Next Century Cities and other municipality focused technology groups. Outcomes provide new insights into the four w’s: who is deploying, why are these technologies being deployed, what is the real progress, and ways these deployments are being accomplished.

Addressing Concerns about Implementation
Results also address the “whoa!” discussion at this early stage, i.e. is pausing to consider concerns about the ways these technologies are being implemented justified? In the big picture, where is more strategic effort warranted to help these concepts ultimately reach their greatest potential for improving lives, while minimizing negative consequences or side effects.

The study is now available at no charge via


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