Frontier Communications Introduces Managed SD-WAN

  • Frontier Communications
NORWALK, CT — Frontier Communications announced Frontier Managed SD-WAN, an end-to-end, software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that provides WAN-wide visibility, agility, control and AWS Cloud integration. Combined with SD-WAN Managed Private Network (SD-WAN EVPL), Frontier Managed SD-WAN is a powerful solution that simplifies network management operations, delivers enhanced service-levels (SLA) and offers a compelling alternative for enterprise customers looking to transition from complex, costly and static MPLS networks.
Chose Between Fully Managed or Co-Managed Models
Frontier’s new Managed SD-WAN offers the enterprise customer a choice and puts them in control with either a fully managed or a co-managed model. Through an intuitive user-friendly portal, the customer can implement WAN-wide configurations to reflect traffic conditions and business and application priorities. This feature alone puts the customer in control and results in the WAN delivering network performance and traffic optimization at the application level, based on the customer’s policy and priorities, all at the click of a mouse.
“The network is the most critical element in any organization’s digital transformation, and we have listened to our enterprise customers, understanding the challenges they face transforming networks to meet today’s needs,” said Boris Kluck, Frontier senior vice president enterprise. “Frontier Managed SD-WAN is a network management solution that meets the challenge, addressing advanced routing and flexible deployment scenarios while delivering agility, visibility and security at lower cost than traditional networking.”
Application Aware Routing (AAR)
Featuring dynamic routing capability, Application Aware Routing (AAR) with 2000+ application signatures, Frontier’s Managed SD-WAN provides direct and secure access to the cloud as well as Frontier hardware redundancy to ensure network uptime and reliability. For enterprise customers, static network configurations have become too complex and unsustainable to meet the continued growth of cloud implementations and bandwidth demand driven by increasing mobile device use. The comprehensive new features of Frontier’s Managed SD-WAN address the needs of enterprise customers seeking to move to an agile digital networking model while maintaining security, performance, and resiliency.
With Frontier’s Managed SD-WAN, the customer can expect value from day one because the network will be fully visible; providing network insight including application bandwidth consumption, performance alerts, policy recommendations, business reporting and more. This powerful view enables the enterprise to make informed decisions based on actual data in near real-time.


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