Frontier Communications Offers New Gigabit Service

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NORWALK, CT — Frontier Communications, a provider of communications services to urban, suburban and rural communities in 29 states, is introducing a new gigabit service in its FiOS and Vantage Fiber markets, offering its fastest residential broadband service while also increasing its new consumer broadband offer to 200/200 Mbps, and adding higher speed tiers previously not offered in Indiana, Oregon and Washington (300/300 Mbps).

The company’s newest offers feature triple- or double-play services as well as standalone broadband service. Pricing will be the same with or without a contract. “Frontier is pleased to now offer a 200/200 Mbps service, the fastest, most efficient introductory broadband service available in our markets, plus eye-popping speed and capacity with our FiOS Gigabit for the home,” said John Maduri, Frontier’s executive vice president and chief customer officer.

Symmetrical Speed Service
Frontier’s gigabit service bolsters already robust fiber broadband services. This service features the same speeds whether downloading or uploading, making it the most efficient broadband service in the markets Frontier serves and the only true symmetrical speed service available in those markets.

“Speed and reliability are hallmarks of FiOS Fiber broadband service,” Maduri added. “Two-way speeds over our all-fiber network make internet tasks faster and more efficient, regardless of the time of day, while also enabling the many connected devices and streaming services in the home to work simultaneously and smoothly.”

Frontier Wi-Fi EveryWare
Solid, uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage is a necessity for broadband service in the home, so Frontier is also introducing its Frontier Wi-Fi EveryWare program. Wi-Fi EveryWare addresses some of the challenges Wi-Fi users encounter in the home regarding coverage and performance.

With new broadband installations, Frontier Wi-Fi EveryWare will include a signal strength analysis for an optimal customer experience and to provide a better guide to technical support for any Wi-Fi issues that might arise. Wi-Fi EveryWare extenders are available to the consumer if needed and will work in conjunction with the router to improve coverage. Frontier Wi-Fi EveryWare comes at no charge for new customers taking the current offer for one year.

Frontier’s 100 percent, all-fiber FiOS network is available to approximately 1.4 million households in the Tampa Bay region in six-counties along the central west coast of Florida. Frontier continues to invest in its fiber network, expanding its availability to nearly 13,000 single family homes, multi-family units and business addresses in 2017 alone. Overall Frontier’s Florida service territory covers nearly 5,000 square miles.

FiOS by Frontier is also offered throughout major urban areas in Southern California; in numerous communities in the Dallas, Texas area; and in parts of Indiana, Oregon and Washington. Vantage Fiber is offered in parts of Connecticut, North Carolina and Minnesota. Availability may be limited in some markets.


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