Frontier Delivers Symmetrical Broadband Speeds to Washington

  • Frontier Communications
EVERETT, WA — Frontier Communications announced symmetrical broadband speeds are now available to its residential FiOS customers in Washington. Frontier delivers the complete broadband experience with equal speeds for both uploads and downloads. "Customers have been demanding faster upload speeds for access to the cloud, gaming and streaming applications, and Frontier is committed to fulfilling those needs," said Vicky Oxley, Frontier vice president and Washington general manager. "This is something our competitors don't offer."

Frontier began offering speeds up to 100 Mbps to residences throughout its FiOS footprint this past fall. With this latest enhancement, the company will offer symmetrical speed tiers of 30/30, 50/50, 75/75, 100/100 and 150/150 Mbps.

This speed enhancement comes at a time when people are uploading more than ever before, making upload speed as important as download speed for online productivity and performance. Faster upstream speeds take gaming, posting, sharing and cloud applications to a new level. With FiOS from Frontier's 2FAST symmetrical speed tiers, customers can quickly and efficiently:

  • Upload pictures and videos

  • Skype or video conference

  • Connect to the cloud for information access and storage

  • Shop and submit online bids

  • Gain the edge in gaming with an online opponent

"Frontier has invested more than $214 million in recent years to upgrade and enhance our Washington network — investments that have paid off and made symmetrical speeds possible," continued Oxley. "This is a game-changing upgrade that allows customers to have the bandwidth to do basically anything they want– the possibilities are endless."

FiOS Internet from Frontier delivers high-speed broadband with a dedicated 100 percent fiber optic connection to the home. 2FAST technology delivers equal upload and download speeds. Matching upload and download speeds provide a complete broadband solution for our customers. 2FAST provides the upload boost needed to support optimal streaming, gaming, video chat, and file uploads and downloads.



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