Frontier to Expand Gigabit Service Across Fiber Footprint

  • Frontier Communications
NORWALK, CT —Frontier Communications, a provider of communications services to urban, suburban and rural communities in 29 states, is expanding availability of gigabit broadband service across its fiber footprint, according to its 3Q 2018 financial report.

“We are currently engaged in a broad range of initiatives that target improvements in customer experience, churn, and operational efficiency," said Dan McCarthy, Frontier president and CEO. "We are enhancing existing products, such as expanding availability of gigabit broadband service across our fiber footprint and introducing new products, such as our new SD-WAN offering in our commercial business, and we remain confident in achieving the $500 million EBITDA benefit target by year-end 2020. We fully expect that this will improve our cash flow trends, strengthen our balance sheet, and contribute to shareholder value.”


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