FTS Fiber Begins Construction of Fiber Network in Maryland

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CHESTERTOWN, MD — FTS officially starts construction of a 110-mile fiber network in Kent County, Md., providing an infrastructure that will make high-speed Internet available to businesses and residents throughout the rural Eastern Shore county. Subcontractors contracted by Whiting-Turner will be installing the dark fiber optic cable over the next several months.

FTS Fiber is partnering with ThinkBig Networks, an ISP provider, to bring the first gigabit Internet speeds to Kent County in August 2016, and work is scheduled to be completed by mid to late 2017. The state-of-the-art dark fiber network connecting 54 sites throughout the county will encourage economic growth and improve quality of life for residents and local businesses.

“We are very excited to be bringing this fiber infrastructure to Kent County,” says Brett Hill, FTS Fiber's CEO. “The changes this county will encounter once the network is up and running are endless. In the meantime, we want residents of Kent County to be aware that contractors will be digging and laying the fiber-optic cables in their towns and neighborhoods. We plan to keep the community updated on our progress as we go.”

“The residents of Kent County are keenly aware of the need for easier and faster access to the Internet,” remarked William Pickrum, president of the County Commissioners of Kent County. “We feel fortunate to have FTS and ThinkBig entering into the Kent County market. The agreement between FTS and the county should bring us truly cutting-edge technology.”


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