FTTH Council Europe Welcomes French Broadband Investment

  • The FTTH Council Europe
Brussels - Karin Ahl, president of The FTTH Council Europe, has issued a statement in support of the French government's commitment to fiber infrastructure investment while expressing hope that other European countries will follow its example.

"The FTTH Council Europe welcomes the announcement of the French government about investing 20 billion EUR into ultra-fast broadband infrastructure with a special focus on future-proof fiber in the coming years," said Ahl. "Two weeks ago the European Union government decided to reduce the broadband budget in the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from €9 to €1 billion ($11.8 to $1.3 billion). In doing so, they missed an opportunity to make a strong statement towards the importance of broadband and of the Digital Agenda in Europe. By reducing the CEF budget, the European governments also took the individual responsibility to ensure a positive investment framework for future-proof fiber broadband in their countries. With François Hollande's announcement on Wednesday, France made a clear statement that it is willing to take this responsibility. The FTTH Council Europe welcomes this decision and hopes that other EU countries will follow the example of France very soon."


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