FTTH Provider Smithville Upgrades TV Service With Edgeware

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BOSTON, MA- Smithville, Indiana’s largest independent telecom company, has selected the Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) framework from Edgeware to provide on-demand and restart TV services to nine counties in Indiana as part of its fiber-based STV service offering. Edgeware’s D-VDN is part of a solution provided by Minerva, a leading supplier of broadband television management and delivery platforms.

D-VDN is a simple and scalable platform for video delivery. Its built-in capability to record live TV channels allows Smithville to deliver advanced video and TV on-demand services with the highest quality of experience from a single platform. Integrated with Minerva’s middleware and back-office system, the joint solution forms a coherent and integrated architecture that enables Smithville to provide superior TV services.

“Edgeware, along with Minerva’s technology, stood out against the competition in terms of simplicity and time to implement,” says Dave Brodin, CTO Smithville. ”The technical implementation was extraordinarily quick and easy. We had TV flowing within a few days, and we were able to offer Restart TV from the same platform, which no one else in our area can offer.”


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