Fullerton FiberCity Network Goes Live with SiFi Networks

  • SiFi Networks

FULLERTON, CA — SiFi Networks has lit the first area of the Fullerton FiberCity network with fiber. Customers can subscribe to service from either Ting or GigabitNow.

This major milestone marks a real change in the broadband industry in the USA. SiFi Networks is privately financing, constructing, and independently operating an open access network in Fullerton, providing every resident and business with access to gigabit fiber Internet.

The fiber infrastructure not only provides the City of Fullerton with high speed internet but also offers them the opportunity to implement Smart City applications such as e-health and e-education.

Smart City applications are readily available but are best supported using a resilient fiber infrastructure.

Fullerton is the first of SiFi Networks’ FiberCities to go live. Several other cities are set to become FiberCities in the coming months.


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