Funding Approved for Light Saber Fiber Project in Paradise Valley, CA

  • Light Saber Project
PARADISE VALLEY, CA — California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) has approved $1,076,062 in funding for construction of the Light Saber Project, a fiber optic network consisting of approximately 17 miles of fiber optic cable to serve 150 underserved households in the Paradise Valley community, a portion of the rural unincorporated area of Santa Clara County. The network will offer FTTH at speeds of 100 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps synchronous service.

The Light Saber project consists of 0.4 square miles of last-miles and to reach the last-mile area. LCB Communications/South Valley Internet (LCB/SVI) will build approximately five miles of middle-mile. The proposed $397,017 funding for the fiber middle-mile link will enable LCB/SVI to reach Paradise Valley and the proposed $679,045 funding is for constructing last-mile connections to 150 underserved households at a cost per household of $7,174.

The Light Saber project will provide the Paradise Valley community with improved access to e-health services, as well as online economic opportunities. It will also provide public safety benefits by enabling the local communications facilities that provide voice services to meet FCC standards for E911 service and battery backup.


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