Genesis launches DSL Rings as Low-Cost Fiber Alternative

  • Genesis Technical Systems
CALGARY – Genesis Technical Systems Corp. announced the North American launch of DSL Rings, a technology designed to deliver 400 Mbps to rural and urban telco customers over existing copper telecommunications infrastructures. Billed as an affordable alternative to fiber, DSL Rings delivers more than enough capacity to bring very low-cost triple- and quad-play offers to both rural and urban areas. It can be deployed in response to customer demand and telcos can realize pay-back within two years.

Genesis’s DSL Rings rural solution can be used where distances from the exchange are a limiting factor in deploying traditional broadband methods. DSL Rings supports VoIP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, M2M, CCTV and CATV, automated meter reading, mobile network offload, femtocells, picocells, HD IPTV, video conferencing, video streaming, video on demand and 4k UHDTV. It has the potential to change the lives of millions of people through home working, cloud computing, ecommerce, distance learning, telemedicine and access to government services over the Internet.

DSL Rings is generally backhaul agnostic and works with both conventional copper, using standards-based bonded DSL technology, and FTTCab, or fiber to the neighborhood (FTTNode). DSL Rings can also provide backhaul for femtocells to off-load congested mobile networks.


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