Georgia Telco Deploys Inca Intelligent Video Delivery Platform

  • Inca Networks
  • Pembroke Advanced Communications
VANCOUVER, BC — Pembroke Advanced Communications (PAC) has implemented Inca Network's Intelligent Video Delivery platform to upgrade PAC-TV, its digital MPEG-4 HD/SD TV service. PAC, one of the oldest telephone companies in Georgia, is phasing out aging, outdated and under-performing video equipment from various vendors as it transitions to a 100 percent Inca headend in the near future. With a full IP video core in place, PAC will be positioned to deliver advanced linear IPTV today and be ready for advanced multiscreen services in the future.

"The Inca gear is drop dead simple to use – the best I have seen in the business," says John Hoskins, network administrator at PAC. "We can easily configure channels in a matter of minutes. The devices are rock solid and our customers are very happy with the quality of the video they are receiving."

A Single, Unified Provisioning, Monitoring and Management Interface

Success in the video business requires smart investments in infrastructure. In a move to improve the quality, affordability and efficiency of PAC-TV, Pembroke set out to build its own network with a single, unified provisioning, monitoring and management interface across all video delivery equipment. They chose Inca's Intelligent Video Delivery platform, including MPEG-4 AVC IP transcoder products to cost-effectively process off-air HD signals from local network affiliates - such as CBS, NBC, and ABC - in house. For national and regional content, Inca ASI to IP converters receive close to 200 satellite channels, monitor them and seamlessly stream them into the PAC IP video network.

With VidiOSTM intelligent monitoring built into every Inca product, PAC has deep visibility and control of all its channels, optimizing troubleshooting and streamlining operations while delivering the highest quality video. A consistent, user-friendly interface across all Inca equipment ensures simple configuration and day-to-day operation for the PAC team.

Lowering Per Channel Costs
"Inca is a good fit for us. Their equipment is extremely cost-efficient and keeps our 'per channel' cost down. With other vendors, we had to pay for the volume of outbound MPEG traffic, but with Inca there are no additional licensing fees for adding outbound bandwidth. Cost of ownership is significantly lower with Inca gear too; once you've bought the chassis, you've pretty much bought all the capabilities at one time," says Hoskins.

"By integrating our modular hardware with powerful VidiOS software, Inca provides operators the flexibility and scalability to affordably and seamlessly upgrade their networks from legacy infrastructure to the latest IP video and multiscreen capabilities," says Jeff Campbell, CEO, Inca Networks. "We are proud to support Pembroke Advanced Communications as they continue to expand their IPTV offering and position the company for the future of multiscreen video."


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