GigaZone Expands Service on The Red Lake Nation Reservation

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GRAND RAPIDS, MN — The Red Lake Nation is one of the first Indian Reservations in the country to have access to gigabit Internet speeds over an all-fiber optic network, Paul Bunyan Communications announced. Thanks to recent upgrades to the cooperative's all-fiber optic communications network, more than 2,000 locations across the reservation including Red Lake, Redby, Little Rock, Ponemah and surrounding areas now have access to GigaZone services including Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps.

"This is exciting news for the Red Lake Nation and our tribal members," said Darrell Seki, Sr., Red Lake Tribal Chairman. "Having access to fiber Internet services is vital to our rural economy and impacts so many aspects of life. To start a new business, find a good job, or get a high quality education you need a quality high-speed Internet connection. The GigaZone is on the cutting edge of technology and enhances the Red Lake Nation's unique assets, including a large workforce and the Red Lake Nation College, for economic development and business expansion. We're excited about the positive impact this will have on our Tribe now and well into the future."

GigaZone: Gigabit Fiber Network from Paul Bunyan Communication

"It's a big day for our cooperative and the Red Lake Nation. We've always been committed to offering our region the best possible communication services," said Gary Johnson, Paul Bunyan Communications CEO/general manager. "When we were formed 65 years ago, that meant providing telephone services in areas no other provider would serve. Today it means delivering advanced data capabilities and Internet services to our members which are unsurpassed by any region or any other provider in the country – regardless of size or location. The GigaZone will not only provide the capacity to handle current communication technologies quickly and efficiently, it will also meet the increasing demands of the next generation of innovations."

Paul Bunyan Communications' GigaZone is currently available to more than 23,900 locations across north-central Minnesota and continues to expand, making it one of the largest gigabit fiber networks in the country. Paul Bunyan Communications recently mailed out information to the new locations that are now in the GigaZone and the cooperative has an online map showing the active areas of the GigaZone as well as those areas that will be constructed/upgraded in the future.

GigaZone service options include fiber optic Internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps – 1 Gbps. Members who subscribe to GigaZone Internet can also add PBTV Fusion digital television service and/or low cost unlimited long distance service and a variety of other services offered by the cooperative.

GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi
Most current wireless routers cannot support blazing GigaZone Internet speeds. To help, the cooperative is offering GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi that uses the latest in advanced Wi-Fi technologies to maximize the in-home wireless experience. This service is free to all new GigaZone customers for the first six months, with a minimal charge thereafter.

Paul Bunyan Communications fiber optic network covers over 5,000 square miles throughout most of Beltrami County and portions of Cass, Hubbard, Itasca, Koochiching and St. Louis Counties. The Cooperative provides broadband high-speed Internet service up to 1 Gbps, digital and high definition television services, smart home services, digital voice services, and more. Service availability depends upon location, some restrictions may apply.


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