Giggle Fiber Deploys Calix AXOS Gfast and GPON Solutions in Southern California

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MONROVIA, CA — Giggle Fiber is deploying Calix AXOS Gfast and GPON solutions with Calix GigaCenters as they expand the reach of their fiber-rich network in southern California. Currently serving the eastern Los Angeles county communities of Arcadia and Monrovia, Giggle Fiber is launching a new and local option for high-speed data services in a market thirsting for a better broadband experience. By utilizing the Calix AXOS E5-16F for Gfast service delivery in both residential and business MDUs and the Calix E7-2 for residential broadband services over GPON, Giggle Fiber is bringing the potential for gigabit speeds to these communities for the first time, and laying a solid foundation to continue to outpace their competition as they expand into new areas.

“We have seen the demand for over-the-top services skyrocket in recent years, and the subscribers in this area need a service provider with a reliable network that can deliver those services without fail. Enter Giggle Fiber,” said Herbert Villalobos, vice president of engineering at Giggle Fiber. “With our Calix-based network in place and our local presence in the community, we know we have a competitive advantage over the other national providers who serve the area. At Giggle Fiber, we are committed to maintaining that edge and keeping on the forefront of technology with our end-to-end network optimized for gigabit service delivery potential, and giving our subscribers the best broadband experience possible.”

Calix GigaCenters with Carrier Class Wi-Fi
While the Calix AXOS systems provide always-on connectivity to each subscriber home or MDU business, Calix GigaCenters with Carrier Class Wi-Fi are providing an unmatched experience for all subscribers. 844GE and 844G GigaCenters manage a gigabit-capable Wi-Fi experience for fiber-connected subscribers, and the 844FB, a bonding capable Gfast solution, enables the same potential for a gigabit experience for MDU subscribers. Looking ahead, Giggle Fiber has plans to take this experience to the next level, offering managed Wi-Fi services with a combination of Calix 804Mesh solutions that provide ubiquitous coverage throughout the home environment, and Calix Cloud for quality of experience management. This flexible portfolio of end-to-end solutions across copper and fiber provides Giggle Fiber with the ability to provide differentiated services and a high-performance experience for the reliable delivery of OTT services, anywhere in their target markets.

“Giggle Fiber is a perfect example of a new breed of forward-looking service provider that is looking to redefine the broadband experience and the economics of service delivery, and finding Calix AXOS solutions to be the go-to enabler of this strategy,” said Skip Hirvela, Calix vice president of regional sales. “Fiber innovators like Giggle Fiber are on the cutting-edge of broadband services – focused on emerging subscriber needs and delivering the personalized broadband experience that their subscribers are asking for. Calix sees a huge opportunity for these new industry disruptors like Giggle Fiber, and are proud to be a natural partner for these pioneers that are reshaping the broadband industry.”


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