Spurred by Fiber Investments, Global Fixed Broadband Market Continues Growth

  • BuddleComm
BUCKETTY, AUSTRALIA — The global fixed broadband market continues its growth phase as around the world the appetite for bandwidth continues to grow — led by the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Fiber networks have become a key investment area and most international high-speed broadband network projects are now based around FTTP, according to new research from BuddleComm, an Australia-based independent research and consultancy company focusing on the telecommunications market and its role within the digital economy.

Most of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and many of the Arab oil states are now reaching FTTP penetration levels of more than 50 percent. Even countries such as Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria are rolling out FTTP at an ever-increasing speed and by the end of 2015, China aims to have 200 million households connected to fiber.

With more and more video applications being used in ever increasing broader markets; there is a widespread interest in upgrading to higher-speed services; there is no doubt that the Google Fiber project can be considered a success with take-up rates as high as 75 percent.


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