Globtel, GeoLinks Introduce Millimeter Wave Wireless Platform

New DOCSIS 3.1-based product will leverage higher spectrum millimeter wave wireless bands that enables rapid network expansion.

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MARIBOR, Slovenia-- Globtel and GeoLinks have developed a wireless platform based on the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

The platform is using the untapped, license exempt spectrum from 69 GHz to 71 GHz and from 81 GHz to 83 GHz.

The 70/80 GHz platform is part of Globtel`s flagship Gigaray product series, developed specifically for GeoLinks so that it can be leveraged in their planned expansion.

"This type of solution, which does not require specific spectrum license, is quick to deploy and provides gigabit connectivity to the home or office on a PtMP basis will be very efficient in virtually any use case scenario in the US and globally," said Pavle Mikuz, VP of Sales at Globtel.

A crucial piece which powers the solution is Harmonics software based virtual CMTS – CableOS.

The platform is a unique wireless PtMP solution, suitable for areas with underdeveloped infrastructure due to its low set up time and ability to cover a wide area. In its 360-degree coverage configuration GIGA-AIR can achieve 14 Gbps of total throughput per site.

"We searched for 3 years to find a company to be able to build the ideas we had for a radio platform. We went to many major manufacturers and developers, some said no and some failed. Ultimately Globtel said they could do it and not only did they deliver but they overachieved. On top of that the communication and dedication this this process has been something we have never seen before. This is the stuff long term exciting relationships are built upon. Globtel literally exceeded our expectations and I don't say that trying to be sensationalist," said Skyler Ditchfield, Co-Founder and CEO of GeoLinks.

GeoLinks has the exclusive rights to market the platform in the US and it is available for WISPs and Cable Companies where there is a lot of interest as due to the platform utilizing the DOCSIS standard an integration into a cable network is as seamless as it can be.

"The developing of the whole platform was our key R&D effort and it would not be possible without exemplary cooperation with GeoLinks and Harmonic as there were several challenges on how to ensure distance and throughput in high mmWave bands," said Sandi Osvald, Globtel CTO.


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