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AUSTIN, TX — Webpass joined Google Fiber in 2016, operating as a separate company using its point-to-point wireless approach — which provides internet speeds up to 1 gig without the need for significant construction work — to deliver speedy Internet to condos and apartment buildings by passing Google Fiber's lengthy construction process.

Since Webpass became part of the Google Fiber family, the Webpass team has continued to expand service to Seattle and Denver over the past two years and continuing to grow in existing Webpass cities. Webpass now serves tens of thousands of residents and small businesses across thousands of buildings.

Now, Google Fiber and Webpass are combining efforts with the launch of Google Fiber Webpass in Austin, Texas. For the first time Google Fiber and Webpass are together in the same city.  Starting in downtown Austin, new buildings are being added to the network as quickly as possible.

Residents wanting to bring Google Fiber Webpass gig service to their apartment or condo building can visit


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