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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google Fiber has approached three new cities — Irvine, Calif., Louisville, Ken., and San Diego, Calif. — about exploring the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to their communities, according to Jill Szuchmacher, director, Google Fiber Expansion. Google will begin a joint planning process with city leaders, just as it did when it began working with nine metro areas last year.

The planning process in Irvine, Louisville and San Diego will kick off with a detailed study of factors that affect construction, such as local topography, housing density, and the condition of existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, each of the cities will complete a checklist of items — such as providing a map of utility lines — that will prepare them for a large-scale fiber build.

"We’ve seen that this planning process is helpful," says Szuchmacher, "both for Google Fiber and city officials — working together, we can take a massive infrastructure project and break it into manageable pieces.

Cities Learn to Become Fiber Ready
"Once we complete this planning process, we’ll determine if we can bring Google Fiber to Irvine, Louisville and San Diego. Every city is different and will move on a unique timeline, so we’ll keep in touch with residents about our progress along the way. And regardless of whether Google Fiber comes to the region, this process gives cities a head start in welcoming any gigabit provider to the area."

Szuchmacher goes on to say, "It’s clear that Irvine, Louisville and San Diego have strong leaders at city hall, who are passionate about bringing fiber to their communities and making the Internet more accessible for everyone. From Code Louisville to San Diego’s startup scene to Irvine’s collaborative workplaces, these cities are growing tech hubs with entrepreneurial cultures — great places to show us what’s possible with gigabit speeds. We’re looking forward to working together as we explore bringing Google Fiber to these communities."


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