Google Fiber for Small Business Arrives in Provo

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google Fiber announced that it is bringing Google Fiber for Small Business to Provo and its small business community, as well as expanding to additional areas of Kansas City (Kansas City North and South). Small businesses in these areas can sign up for Google Fiber's Early Access program, and get gigabit Internet for just $100 per month. In the words of Provo Mayor John Curtis, small businesses can “kiss loading bars goodbye.”

Since launching its Early Access program in Kansas City in November 2014 (See "Google Fiber Launches Access Program for Small Businesses in Kansas City"), Google Fiber reports that small businesses have experienced the magic that comes with gigabit speeds. Take, for example, the documentary film studio that no longer has to ship hard drives to clients to avoid long upload times; or the software developer who can reliably access cloud systems that are vital to his business. Without the stress and lost time of a slow Internet connection, small businesses can focus on what matters most.

Provo has already demonstrated what’s possible when an emerging technology hub has access to gigabit Internet — from the DevMountain coding school, to a growing community at the Startup Dojo, or a geneticist who is using gigabit Internet to download an entire human genome in under an hour. Now the city’s small businesses have their chance to innovate with gigabit Internet.


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