Google Fiber Launches 2 Gig Trusted Tester Progam

  • Google Fiber

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google Fiber is looking for people to help them test 2 Gig, starting in Nashville and Huntsville next month and in its other Google Fiber cities later this fall. Game changers, super users and families who need more from their internet can join the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program to be among the first to put the extra speed to use.

Google testers help the company ensure it is launching the best products and services possible for its customers. Sign up here for an opportunity to be among the first to test 2 Gig in your city.

2 Gig will roll out to all of our Nashville and Huntsville customers later this year, with plans to launch the service across most of our Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass cities in early 2021. At $100 a month, Google Fiber's 2 Gig is double the top download speed of its 1 Gig product (with the same great upload speed) and comes with a new Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh extender.


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