Google Fiber Launches Access Program for Small Businesses in Kansas City

  • Google Fiber
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — In response to demand from small businessowners, Google Fiber is kicking off an early access program for small business in select areas of central Kansas City.

The Early Access Program is available now in a handful of fiberhoods in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, Mo. Small businesses in these areas can sign up for a gigabit Internet connection and be among the very first businesses to get Google Fiber. Though not all areas of central Kansas City are open for signups just yet, Google plans to expand the program.

Earlier this year, Google Fiber started a pilot in Kansas City to learn more about what businessowners need. Documentary filmmakers, flower shops, web development agencies and others responded with lot of ideas on how a faster Internet connection could speed up their entire business.

Google is considering offering a similar program for small businesses in Provo and Austin as well.


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