Google Fiber Lifts Off in Huntsville, Alabama

  • Google Fiber
HUNTSVILLE, AL — Google Fiber announced that its fiber network is now available in Huntsville, Alabama, a city known for its strong science and technology presence. Residents and small business owners in North Huntsville can now sign up for Google Fiber’s internet, TV and phone service at

According to Google, leasing the infrastructure in Huntsville rather than building from scratch allowed Google to bring its fiber network to more people, faster.

Mayor Battle and the city’s leadership understand what unlocking the true potential of the Web with fiber Internet can do for a city, its businesses and residents. As an enterprising city, Huntsville explored new ways to connect residents and small businesses and is building a municipal fiber network through Huntsville Utilities. Google Fiber is the city’s first tenant and will lease part of the network with a non-exclusive arrangement, which allows other providers to lease fiber from the city as well.


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