Google Fiber Moves Forward with Exploratory Work in Target Cities

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - In February, Google Fiber started working side-by-side with 34 cities in nine U.S. metro areas to explore what it would take to bring Google Fiber to their communities. Each city has been busy tackling a checklist of items to help prepare for a big local fiber construction project. Google has announced that at this point all 34 cities have, for the most part, completed their checklists.

Checklist Odds and Ends
However, the company says that much work has yet to be done before it chooses its next Google Fiber cities, including tying up some checklist-related loose ends. For example, Google worked with city staffers to draft agreements that would let it place fiber huts on city land; several city councils still need to approve these agreements. The company may spend some time working with the cities to figure out a fast and efficient permitting process. And, as Google reviews the information that cities have already provided - like infrastructure maps - it will probably have a lot of follow-up questions.

Beyond the Checklist
After the checklist items are complete, Google will work with either the city or the state to acquire a video franchise agreement, which would grant Google permission to build a local network. Google may also need pole-attachment agreements with local utilities or other companies who can rent space on their poles. (Stringing fiber along existing poles is the fastest and least disruptive way to deploy it.)

After all of these steps, Google will start drawing up construction blueprints for local fiber networks. These detailed designs will reveal the complexity of building in each city, and will be used as final decisions are made.

Google Fiber warns residents not to read too much into the fact that its crew may be seen doing work around their cities, or that local jobs may be postings for the Google Fiber team. These pre-decision activities are all part of Google's exploratory work. Google plans to announce the next Google Fiber cities by the end of the year.


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