Google Fiber Starts Signups in Austin

  • Google Fiber
AUSTIN — Google Fiber has started signups for Austin residents and local small businesses in the south and southeast areas of the city. More areas of the city will open for signups on an ongoing basis as neighborhoods meet their sign-up goals until every every neighborhood in Austin that wants Google Fiber gets it.

Early Access Program
Small businesses in the same group of fiberhoods can sign up for up to gigabit speeds for $100 per month through the Early Access Program for Google Fiber for Small Business.

Limited Signup Window

Austin residents and business will have a limited window of time to sign up. Google Fiber focuses its efforts on one neighborhood at a time, doing an all-out installation blitz when a fiberhood meets its signup goal. After one fiberhood is completed, it moves on to the next.

Downtown Austin Fiber Space
To educate Austinites about Google Fiber, the company has opened its Fiber Space in downtown Austin where residents can drop by to test Google Fiber and sign up for service.


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