Google Fiber to Serve San Francisco MDUs, Using Existing Fiber

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google Fiber announced that it is bringing its service to apartments and condos in San Francisco using existing fiber. This marks the second time Google Fiber has stepped beyond its model of building networks from scratch. By using existing fiber it can serve more cities of different shapes and sizes. The model, which began in Huntsville, Ala., enables Google to start service more quickly and to service residents who currently do not have service.

By using existing fiber to connect some apartments and condos Google will be able to serve a portion of San Francisco, complementing the city’s ongoing efforts to bring abundant, high-speed Internet to the entire city. In considering how best to bring Google Fiber to some residents in San Francisco Google had to consider a number of factors, including the city’s rolling hills, miles of coastline, and historic neighborhoods.

Nonprofit Technology Network
As part of our work in San Francisco, Google plans to help residents get online for the first time. One of its initiatives will be to connect some public and affordable housing properties to gigabit speed Internet for free. In partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), Google is also bringing the Digital Inclusion Fellowship to San Francisco. NTEN is accepting applications from organizations to host fellows who will teach people to set up email accounts, apply for jobs, access content across the web, and more.

Residents and property owners interested in Google Fiber can sign up for updates Google Fiber/San Francisco.


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