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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google announced that it has launched Google Fiber Webpass in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Brien Bell, head of Webpass, Google Fiber Webpass is designed to meet the needs of the explosive growth Nashville has experienced over the past decade. In fact, the residential population downtown has grown by 90% since 2012, with 12,000-plus new downtown residents. That number is expected to grow to over 20,000 in the next three years, and that growth is mirrored across the city, with new condos and apartments popping up in many neighborhoods.

Google Fiber Webpass meets that need by using a fixed point-to-point wireless technology to provide internet speeds up to 1 Gig without the need for significant construction work, allowing the company to deliver speedy internet to condos and apartment residents faster than ever before. Eligible residents can sign up today on the Google Fiber website.


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