Google Fiber Will Not Offer TV Service in Louisville and San Antonio

  • Google Fiber
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google Fiber announced that when it launches its next Google Fiber cities — Louisville and San Antonio‚ it will offer an internet only service — no TV add-on will be available.

In its blog, the company said that its central mission from the beginning was to bring superfast internet to more people. The company notes that more and more people are moving away from traditional methods of viewing television content.

"Customers today want to control what, where, when, and how they get content.
Whether it’s through YouTube TV, Hulu, Netflix, or more specific targeted services, there are so many ways to watch what you want, when you want it. And Google Fiber’s superfast Internet allows customers to make the most of all these streaming choices by providing the bandwidth to use multiple devices and apps at the same time. So you can catch every minute of the big game at the same time you’re playing that online multiplayer game, or stream a new movie while editing and uploading your home videos."

Google emphasized that nothing will change for existing markets that have TV as a part of their product offerings.


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