Google Prices 1 Gig at $55 in San Antonio

  • Google Fiber
SAN ANTONIO — Google Fiber announced that it has priced its Fiber 1000 (1,000 Mbps) service in San Antonio, Texas, at $55 per month with no installation fee, no hidden fees, no contracts, and no data caps. Sign-ups have been launched in two initial areas of the deployment near Westover Hills and in the West End Park neighborhood.

Google's focus in San Antonio is on providing super fast Internet service, enabling folks to access content — including live and local TV content — from any source they choose. The abundant bandwidth and low latency of a Fiber connection makes streaming video, even in 4K, 3D, or virtual reality formats, smooth as butter.

YouTube TV

When San Antonio customers sign up for Google Fiber in San Antonio, home to Hulu’s recently announced 500-person customer service operation, they can add YouTube TV, cable-free live TV from San Antonio’s local stations — ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC — and other popular cable networks like ESPN and AMC, along with a cloud DVR with no storage space limits.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Device
Customers who sign up for YouTube TV at the same time they sign up for Google Fiber will also receive a NVIDIA SHIELD TV, the most advanced streaming device and a voice-activated remote control powered by Google Assistant, and a free trial of YouTube TV. After the free trial, you can keep YouTube TV for $35 per month.

Sign-ups also include one free Google Wi-Fi router. (Additional devices are available for purchase during installation if the size or shape of your home requires it for full coverage.) And Google Wi-fF includes top-tier security and smart technology that lets you prioritize devices, block certain websites, and stay on top of kids’ screen time.


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