Google Releases Fiber-Ready Checklist

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Google's fiber team has traveled to meet with mayors and city officials from each of the 34 cities that Google is exploring for possible new Google Fiber build-outs. To help with the considerable advanced planning and collaboration necessary to build a fiber network, Google has put together a Google Fiber Checklist that the cities will complete over the next few months to help them become more fiber-ready.

According to Jill Szuchmacher of Google's fiber expansion team, Google has made the list available for anyone to see in the hopes that any city across America will find the recommendations helpful, whether they’re looking to build and run their own fiber network or attract an existing provider to do it. The recommendations on the list are not exclusive to Google Fiber; rather, it’s a compilation of best practices from The Fiber to the Home Council, Gig U, the US Conference of Mayors and other industry experts, and it’s designed to be a practical, actionable road map that makes building new networks easier, faster and less disruptive.

"The checklist is just the beginning of many conversations with these 34 cities," said Szuchmacher in her blog, "and it’s already clear that taking the time to get to know each other and talk about these topics now will help them feel prepared for a big construction project, and will help us bring fiber to more people faster."


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