Greenlee Enhances its DataScout Test System

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VISTA, CA — Greenlee Textron, a global provider of professional tools, announced the addition of ITU-T Y.1564, multi-stream BERT and advanced loopback capability to its DataScout 10G line. The new advanced Ethernet test option enables certifying up to 16 unique Ethernet services per the ITU-T Y.1564 standard or in express multi-stream BERT mode. The new release also supports up to eight stacked VLAN and MPLS tags for each service plus an advanced loopback feature which can detect and control up to six remote devices simultaneously.

“Service providers and utilities are increasingly relying on the ITU-T Y.1564 test methodology to validate contracted service level agreements as well as mission critical SCADA networks,” said Mark Barmettler, vice president and GM for Greenlee Communications.

Intuitive User Interface
In addition to adding new test features, Greenlee also developed a new intuitive user interface which reduces the learning curve by guiding technicians through proper test setup, saving time and ensuring accurate, consistent testing. “The new DataScout 10G Ethernet application was developed in collaboration with technicians and has garnered strong positive reviews in recent field trials. Technicians especially appreciate the embedded training videos which allow them to train in the field,” said Barmettler.

Plug & Stay Modular Design
The DataScout 10G utilizes a plug & stay modular design which allows users to provision their technicians a test set with the combination of test interfaces tailored to their workgroup requirements. Non-removable, yet reconfigurable, interfaces save money by safeguarding modules from being damaged or lost on the job. The intuitive touch screen tablet comes loaded with standard applications including web browser, email, an onboard user manual and in-application training videos. In addition, DataScout 10G offers wired, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote options, allowing technicians to perform testing virtually anywhere Bluetooth or network connections are available. Additionally, this feature allows technicians the ability to step outside of a noisy, cramped or unsafe work location to perform the needed tasks.

DataScout 10G supports the following testing needs:

  • Dual 10/100/1G Ethernet

  • 10G Ethernet

  • DS3

  • Dual DS1


  • DS0-TIMS

  • 2/4 Wire SIGNALING with E&M

  • DDS


  • Wi-Fi


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