Greenlee's 180XL Visual Fault Locator Now Available

  • Greenlee Communications
ROCKFORD, IL — Greenlee, a provider of test and measurement solutions for the communication service provider industry, has launched the 180XL Visual Fault Locator. Part of the company's line of tools for fast and effective visual fault locating in fiber optic cables, this handheld device can quickly visually locate macrobends, poor splices, bad connectors and breaks in fibers.

With a universal 2.5mm bulkhead, the 180XL is able to probe single-mode and multi-mode fibers. An optional 1.25mm adapter is also available. In addition, it can be used to confirm fiber continuity on fibers up to 7km in length and a 2Hz modulation can be used to aid continuity confirmation. The visual fault locator is Class 2 compliant, certifying safe operation with output power limited to 1mW.

The 180XL Visual Fault Locator serves as a replacement to the 170XL and has the added benefit of the extended reach and longer operational run time, up to 80 hours, on two AA batteries.


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