Greenlight Networks Teams up with MyBundle.TV

The provider sets a goal to help customers “Cut the Cord” and save money on video streaming.

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ROCHESTER, N.Y.--Greenlight Networks (“Greenlight”), the leading fiber-to-the-home provider in New York State, announced today that it is partnering with MyBundle.TV to help Greenlight customers who are “cutting the cord” from cable explore streaming services with ease. MyBundle.TV’s popular streaming marketplace tools are now available on Greenlight’s website,, making it easy and convenient for consumers to find the right streaming services for them.

“Many consumers who still have cable say getting rid of their longtime TV subscription is complicated and they don’t know where to start,” said Michele Sadwick, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Greenlight Networks. “We’re all about reducing frustration for our customers, saving them time and money—which is why we’re so thrilled about this partnership with MyBundle.TV. It’s a quick and easy tool, that through a series of personalized questions, points people in the right direction and sets them up with the streaming bundle that makes the most sense for them and their families.”

By using the online tool, Greenlight customers can navigate the changing entertainment world and simplify their transition to streaming by removing some of the guesswork. Customers can receive a customized streaming package recommendation by answering just a few simple questions about their entertainment preferences. The site also lets users review and read up on popular and niche streaming services, ranging from live TV to paid subscriptions to even free streaming apps.

With a personalized streaming recommendation, customers will learn which combination of streaming services have their favorite channels and fit within their budget. They can also customize their streaming experience by tracking costs, receiving TV show and movie recommendations, and building custom “watchlists”—all in one place.

“While millions give up cable and satellite TV every year and save more than $600 a year on average, over 65 million households still have traditional Pay TV. Our Find My Bundle tool makes the transition to streaming easier by helping consumers determine what’s next after they ‘cut the cord,’” said Jason Cohen, founder and CEO of MyBundle.TV. “Streaming content is not a one-size-fits-all solution; customers really should customize their streaming subscriptions and app choices based on what content they want, need and are willing to pay for. We are proud to partner with Greenlight and we’re excited to make streaming simpler for Greenlight’s customers.”

Greenlight’s fiber-optic network is ideally suited for streaming content as fiber Internet supports simultaneous high-speed connections across multiple devices and is scalable to meet fluctuating and future data demands. It offers consistent high performance and connectivity for those gaming or streaming high-quality videos. Greenlight’s Internet service is five times faster and 25 percent less expensive than cable—with no contracts, taxes, or hidden fees.

Greenlight offers data speeds as high as 2 Gigabits upload and download, with a base speed of 500 Mbps upload and download for $50 a month. 


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