Greenlight Networks Selects IPhotonix Wi-Fi-capable ONT

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RICHARDSON, TX - Greenlight Networks, a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) serving mostly MDU communities in New York State, has selected the new Wi-Fi-capable ONT from iPhotonix for its FTTH deployments throughout its service areas.

“Using an ONT with managed, integrated wireless means less equipment for us to maintain, and less to deploy in the field,” says Mark Murphy, managing partner at Greenlight Networks. “This bridge functionality allows us to deliver Wi-Fi to customers and reach a price point that is much more economical than a traditional gateway. Before we would need to utilize consumer-grade routers to provide the service within our customers’ budget. Now we can deliver better service at a better price point, and the devices are easier to manage on our end.”

The new Wi-Fi-enabled ONT is part of iPhotonix's iVolve Series Optical Access Platform, and its Wi-Fi capabilities delivers a competitive edge that telecom operators and MSOs have never been offered before. The iPhotonix iVolve Series of ONTs offer a comprehensive choice of voice services for operators, including POTs and VoIP, and can deliver video over RF or IPTV on the same network. An integrated GPON device that combines a NID (WAN interface device) and WLAN (Wi-Fi access point) in a single device provides dramatic savings in total cost of ownership, both in terms of capital and operating expenditures.

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