GTC Broadband Taps Calix to Reduce Customer Turnup Time, Truck Rolls

Sets the stage to leverage Calix Operations Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud to advance their operational objectives and grow revenue.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.-- GTC Broadband (GTC), a broadband service provider (BSP) serving rural Missouri, is leveraging Calix Intelligent Access EDGENetwork Innovation Platform (AXOS), and E7®-2 Intelligent Modular System to reduce subscriber turnup speeds by 70 percent. Employing the E7-2 system and Network Innovation Platform streamlines the network deployment and subscriber turnup process, making it possible for BSPs to quickly and easily gain market share. By deploying Calix Support Cloud along with Intelligent Access EDGE, GTC gained significant operational savings, including a near-total reduction in truck rolls.

Encouraged by the impressive turnups and truck roll metrics, GTC enlisted Calix to further improve operational efficiency, reduce OPEX, and grow revenue. GTC will soon roll out Calix Operations Cloud, which will reduce costs by replacing manual processes with automated workflows—simplifying the turnup, provisioning, management, and maintenance of services and systems. GTC also plans to leverage the Revenue EDGE platform—specifically Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud)—to advance its business transformation. Marketing Cloud offers BSPs like GTC the world’s most advanced behavioral analytics engine so even the smallest team can analyze subscriber behaviors and reach subscribers with the greatest need for new services that enhance their broadband experience. They are also eager to deploy the customizable CommandIQ mobile app, which will put the GTC brand in the palm of the subscriber’s hand to reinforce the value they deliver.

“Faster subscriber turnups with the Network Innovation Platform and operational efficiencies with Calix Support Cloud have fundamentally changed the way we do business,” said Bryan Johnson, technology engineer at GTC Broadband. “GTC is now looking to the future with the deployment of Operations Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and CommandIQ, focusing on growing our value for the community and rapidly scaling as we join other Calix customers who have gained network efficiencies and sharply reduced truck rolls and associated expenses.”

“GTC Broadband is one of our best partners in Missouri,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president, products at Calix. “Over the past 12 years we have worked closely with them as they have transformed their network with the Intelligent Access EDGE, Network Innovation Platform, and E7-2 systems. They have laid a solid foundation for a future-proofed network that is scalable, secure, and automated. Process automation to reduce OPEX and an Always-On modular architecture will also allow them to adopt new technology without impacting subscriber services. We’re thrilled to help them simplify their operations, excite their subscribers, and grow their value for years to come.”


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