GVTC Launches New Fiber Internet Tier Structure in Texas

  • GVTC
SMITHSON VALLEY, TX — GVTC, a fiber communications provider internet, digital cable TV, phone and interactive home security monitoring to residential and business customers in far north San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country and South Central Texas, is simplifying its fiber-to-the-home offerings with a new fiber internet tier structure. GVTC launched brand new fiber internet plans that feature standard download speeds of 250 Mbps in its fiber-to-the-home areas. In addition, upgrades to 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps are offered, all three plans featuring 250 Mbps upload speeds as well. New plans are available to both new and existing customers.

This upgrade is intended to enhance the home experience and combat speed issues during prime hours. With the growing demand for streaming capabilities, connected devices, and smart home security monitoring, GVTC is offering a solution.

Josh Pettiette, vice president of product, business development, and strategic planning, describes the community benefit of this upgrade, stating, “Our commitment is to provide the best overall user experience, and our new speed tiers leverage fiber internet to exceed our customer’s demand for streaming, connecting devices and utilizing smart technology in their homes."


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