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SMITHSON VALLEY, TX — GVTC, a fiber optics communications provider servicing far north San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country and South Central Texas, has completed work on expanding its fiber network throughout the Boerne city limits, more than five months ahead of schedule. The expansion added another 1,600 fiber rooftops, resulting in approximately 6,800 Boerne residences eligible to get GVTC fiber-to-the-home. Fiber connected homes and businesses have access to GVTC services including SpeedSyncTM, the only symmetrical broadband service in the area, along with internet connection speeds up to 1 gigabit.

“We all know Boerne is a unique place, and now with this important project completed, we will experience faster and more reliable telecommunications services where we live and work,” Boerne Mayor, Mike Schultz, added. “This partnership with GVTC helps us maintain our competitive advantage in our pursuit for businesses that depend on this level of service.”

Fiber Expansion Project
The fiber expansion project began in 2015 after the Boerne City Council approved a measure to partner with GVTC by providing access to electric utility poles for aerial fiber runs. Boerne also agreed to pay $77,500 to a third-party contractor for a utility pole load analysis and pole change out. GVTC committed approximately $1.8 million on labor and construction costs.

February 2017 was the initial targeted completion date. Years of fiber construction experience was a factor in helping GVTC crews finish months ahead of schedule, with minimal disruption to residents. “We’ve built fiber to over 20,000 homes over the past several years. It’s not a simple practice by any means but we’ve done it enough that we’re good at it.” George O’Neal, GVTC vice president, network services, said. “For this project, we gained significant time with measures put in place, for an eventual residential build out, during our fiber construction in the Boerne businesses district 10 years ago.”

GVTC is marketing directly to eligible Boerne residents. Customers can also go to GVTC.com to learn about fiber products and pricing.


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